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Just In! New Professional Indemnity Cover For New Zealand Financial Advisors

Calling all Life Insurance Advisors, Mortgage Brokers and other Financial Advisors! Discover how to protect your Professional Liability and access unique solutions unavailable to the majority of New Zealand Insurance Brokers.

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PI Insurance Cover in NZ

Options for cover are becoming limited

Financial Advisors are finding big policy premium increases in the renewals that give them little time to find better options.  Along with major insurers limiting their exposure in the NZ Market and several are even withdrawing cover from several occupation classes.  Other professionals are experiencing an escalation of premiums of 40-150%.

Professional Indemnity Consultants have access to 37 insurers who are willing to provide competitive cover for New Zealand Financial Advisors. With the ability to act quickly in generating a quote and getting policies in place, advisors can rest easy know they are covered and can continue providing excellent service and advise to their clients. 

Risk Exposure is Standard

Consultants & Professionals are automatically exposed to a variety of risks and can be vulnerable to significant claims and consequent exposure to litigation.

Business Owners understand the need for PI cover however many are unaware of the options available tailored exclusively to their occupation or industry.

Who Are Professional Indemnity Consultants?

Professional Indemnity Consultants is a specialist division of The Insurance Group with Managing Director Robert Cormack, an insurance veteran, bringing over 25 years of Insurance experience to help navigate the cover available to protect Professionals and Consultants.

Consultants and Professional Services Providers now have access to excellent UK based PI solutions. Professional Indemnity Consultants is here to assist all Occupation Classes, even those who may have been turned down in the past, to secure Professional Indemnity Cover tailored exclusively to their occupation or industry.

An experienced team of commercial risk consultants and analysts

Managing Director Robert Cormack founded The Insurance Group (TIG)  in 2006 and has grown to be a leading provider in commercial insurance products with over 10,000 policies issued to a wide base of clients. With several specialist teams catering for the particular needs of New Zealand businesses, TIG is able to provide experienced trusted advice to cost-effectively protect you and your business from loss or damage.

Professional Indemnity Consultants is a subsidiary of The Insurance Group – specifically focused on commercial risk and indemnity insurance advice, including: 

  • Professional Indemnity
  • General Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Statutory Liability
  • Association Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability

We are excited to offer our new facilities with access to 37 Lloyd's based insurers.

Many business owners have heard of Lloyd's but aren't sure what it does or how it can be used to their advantage.

Lloyd’s is not an insurance company. Rather, it is a marketplace where insurance buyers and sellers come together. A trusted place which has a history spanning over 350 years. Our UK based wholesale broker, currently provides Professional Indemnity Consultants with facilities to access options to up to 37 Lloyd’s Insurers with a broad spectrum of facilities. Professional Indemnity Consultants has access to 37 Lloyd’s Insurers providing PI Cover and bring this to New Zealand Businesses providing outstanding coverage and a much need alternative to the existing cover that is available in NZ.

Is Insurance via Lloyd’s brokers safe?

The majority of policies underwritten for New Zealand Businesses the actual insurer is an Australian company. With over 350 years of history, Lloyd’s is one of the most trusted markets and renown ways to get the insurance cover required. More detailed information and history about the Lloyd’s market that our UK based wholesale broker accesses can be found here.

Our new facilities with 37 Lloyd’s insurers – offers price competitive and industry specific advantages

While New Zealand has many great Insurance Brokers, it has been the easier path to access Insurers who have a local presence albeit Australian owned. Professional Indemnity Consultants along with The Insurance Group have performed the ground-work to open up more choice of insurers with a more extensive risk profile and more policy options. Many of the Lloyd’s policies are designed around specific occupation/industry classes as the international insurance market has more scope to tailor policies than what is available in NZ or Australia.

Simply put from our discussions with our Lloyd’s representatives, they are keen to work with us to provide PI facilities to the professions and industries in NZ that other insurers are either withdrawing from or whose cost increases have become unsustainable for NZ based businesses.

Industry and profession specific professional indemnity 

Most importantly the Lloyd’s based insurers have  industry specific  and customised insurance for the professional consultants and industries we have highlighted. For example instead of a generic policy for a  broad category such as ‘engineers’ – we are able to offer specifically customised insurance for specific categories of engineers such, ‘Electrical Engineers ‘or ‘Seismic Engineers or ‘Structural Engineers’ or ‘Fire Engineers’

What About Claims?

If the time comes to make a claim, you can be assured Professional Indemnity Consultants will be alongside you every step of the way.

Occupational areas and Industries

Professional Indemnity Consultants works across every Occupational Class with Building & Construction accounting for a large proportion of our clients. 

  • Architects
  • Structural engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Building consultants
  • Geo tech consultants
  • Seismic consultants 
  • Electrical engineers
  • Financial Advisors 
  • Project managers
  • Fire engineers (Design and installation)
  • Valuers
  • House pre-purchase inspectors
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

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